Following the planning stage, it is important to carefully prepare the workplace
prior to the installation of equipment.

Allowances must be made with regard to power supply, water supply, drainage, ventilation, dust extraction, ease of access, cleaning and maintenance. Any repairs required to surfaces which may become inaccessable should be undertaken before the installation begins and so on.


Air space is no less important than floor space, and the quality of the air can be largely affected by the positioning of ventillation and extraction equipment.

Dust, smoke and fumes all contribute to an unhealthy and unproductive environment and dirt can be a constant battle when the job requires cleanliness.

The above picture features a garage in which exhaust fumes and smoke are extracted from the vehicles as they are being worked upon. As a result, the mechanics are able to go about the business of maintaining the car without paying attention to the fact that the engine may be running for a considerable period of time.

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Compressed Air

From a small workshop to a large dealership most workplaces require compressed air facilities.

As well as being able to install compressors and airlines, we are also able to supply a range of compressors of all types and sizes along with all the required airlines, fixtures and fittings.

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The above picture shows a twin engine, medium size static compressor, designed for general workshop/bodyshop usage.

This sort of system can be used for all air powered tools and can be 'plumbed' to many outlets positioned around the workplace for easy access.


To ensure maximum efficiency and workflow, lubrication equipment should always be close to hand while working with vehicles.

To enable this, a range of equipment is available to provide lubrication quickly, infact there is a device whether manual or powered to cover every lubrication need in the automotive, commercial vehicle and heavy plant workshop.

A complete range of air-operated oil pumps and powered grease pumps can be supplied, specifically designed for use in automotive transport workshops, together with a range of lube oil & grease meters, available in a variety of materials and flow rates, to meet the diverse needs of industrial metering.

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Waste Oil

The task of draining engine oil or any other type of oil for recycling or disposal can be a very messy task which is why oil suction equipment and waste oil draining tools are essential in any garage.

Graham Palmer Services supply and install many different types of oil removal devices designed to make the job of oil removal easy, clean and efficient.

Waste oil drainers can be used easily under car lifts, while oil suction machines work in tandem with your compressor to literally suck the oil out of the sump of the vehicle.

The comprehensive range of equipment we are able to provide ensures the optimum solution to your waste oil collection problems, whether it be motorcycles to the largest trucks.

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