Health & Safety

The objectives of COSHH (The Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health), EPA (The Environmental Protection Ageny) and the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) are to ensure that health problems, harm caused to the environment and the risk of accidents arising from the nature of our work is kept to the absolute minimum.

These authorities set-out guidelines and regulations which apply to us all, especially those of us who work within the automotive industry and are more often exposed to chemicals, fumes, dust, tools, vehicles, heavy machinery, etc.

The Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health

COSHH stands for The Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health and is a very important health and safety law. It is a new type of legislation that lets employers decide what is right for their own circumstances, rather than setting down hard and fast rules. In practice, this means assessing the risks from hazardous substances, then doing what is necessary to control the risks.

In short, where risks are low, COSHH requires little, but where they are high it asks for more.

Within the motor industry we are all subject to the legislation set out by COSHH. Due to the nature of our work, employees often come into contact with hazardous substances, sometimes unknowingly.

Knowledge of the current rules relating to C.O.S.H.H means that our advice and workmanship is supplied according to the guidelines set out by the British Government.


E.P.A. otherwise known as The Environmental Protection Agency is the governmental body resposible to inform, direct, and enforce the guidelines and laws set out by the government in relation to the harmful effects caused to the environment by industrial activities .


The use of chemicals, vehicles and the discarding of waste products and bi-products are now carefully governed by E.P.A in order to protect our environment at both a local and distant level. Carelessly discarded waste and poorly ventilated workplaces for example, can not only be harmful to personel, but can also be very damaging to the environment, a topic which is of concern to us all. Knowledge of E.P.A's guidelines enables us at Graham Palmer Services to adhere to these rules, helping you to be less damaging to nature and keeping you on the right side of the law.
The Health & Safety At Work Act

As an employer you also have a duty under the law, to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable that the health, safety and welfare at work of those in your employ is not jeopardised.

These laws are governed by the Heath & Safety at Work Act.

Often companies don't think that rules of COSHH, E.P.A. and The Health & Safety At Work Act apply to them, others don't care and some have never even heard of them; to these companies The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authorities say - "we will take all possible steps to ensure you comply with COSHH, E.P.A. and The Heath & Safety At Work Act".

Prosecutions arising from the flagrant disregard of these laws can produce heavy fines or even imprisonment when this disregard has caused injury or death.

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