Whether upgrading equipment, streamlining the workplace or creating a new work environment, careful thought and planning are essential before undertaking any new venture. Any mistake at this early stage, as simple an awkwardly placed piece of equipment can prove extremely incovenient, costly to rectify or even dangerous.
Many years of experience within this industry has enabled us to offer a consultation service to ensure the very best solutions available.

...putting you in the picture!

You may well decide to design your own layout and choose specific equipment, but can you be sure that your choice is the best?
Is the layout optimised for efficient workflow?
Is the chosen equipment best suited for the job?
Does your design conform to all legal requirements?

Is it safe?

For those who wish to leave these all important decisions to the professionals, our consultation service is 'second to none' and can be geared specifically to your requirements no matter how large or small.


working diagram from a previous installation

From simple verbal advice, to a more in-depth consultation involving the surveying of premises, drawing plans, working diagrams or even artists impressions, the tailor-made service we offer takes the guess-work out of the planning process.

At Graham Palmer Services Ltd. we pride ourselves on the friendly, personal nature of our consultation service and our clients can rest assured that they are in safe, experienced hands.
  • Helpful advice offered

  • Information and technical specifications available

  • Heath and Safety information supplied

  • Planning Department regulations available

  • Qualified & experienced consultants

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